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Brave Leadership: Conquering Performance Monsters

Build an unstoppable team with our training, guiding leaders to conquer internal challenges and foster resilience in today’s unpredictable business environment.

Half-Day Executive Leadership Training Course

Our ever-evolving business world demands leaders confront not just external challenges but also internal ones. The Monsters of Team Performance – damaging behaviors, ideas, and cultures lurking within our organizations – pose a significant threat to team productivity. Our half-day executive training course empowers leaders to conquer these obstacles, turning survival into thriving success in an unpredictable world.

In our volatile times, overcoming these challenges is essential for building strong, adaptable teams. By tackling these monsters head-on, you’ll foster resilience and readiness in your team. Join our transformative executive training course and equip yourself to defeat the Monsters of Team Performance.


Derived from our founder’s insightful book, “Monsters of Team Performance”, this interactive and engaging course combines insightful lectures, thought-provoking discussions, and practical workshops. We dive into the 8 monsters, from the Blame Blob to the Horrendous Shield, uncovering their lurking presence in your organization. By understanding their influence, you are empowered to take on the mantle of self-leadership, driving change within your team and the wider organization.

Andrew Bull's 5-star book

What You Will Learn

  1. Understand the Monsters: Engage in a detailed breakdown of each monster, learning how they manifest in business environments and undermine performance.
  2. Practical Solutions: Through interactive discussions and case studies, we’ll explore practical strategies for overcoming these monstrous challenges.
  3. Become a Brave New Leader: This course emphasizes that leadership begins with you. You’ll learn how to foster personal responsibility, building a resilient team capable of facing the pressures of a volatile and unpredictable world.

Who This Course Is For

This course is designed for executive leaders who want to transform their leadership style, improve team performance, and successfully navigate the changing business landscape. If you’re ready to tame the Monsters of Team Performance and become a Brave New Leader, this course is for you.

Invest in Your Leadership Journey

Don’t let the Monsters of Team Performance hinder your success. It’s time to take a stand and unleash your potential as a Brave New Leader. Enroll in our half-day training course today – lead the change, starting with you.

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