About Andrew Bull

Andrew Bull

Author, Strategist, Coach – Your guide to extraordinary leadership.

Meet Andrew Bull, once an underdog, who forged his path through a tumultuous series of events that tested his resilience and fortitude. His early career in the UK film industry was abruptly halted by redundancy, catapulting him into a world of uncertainty. His entrepreneurial journey was further challenged when his nascent business was overshadowed by a corporate giant armed with a limitless budget.

Despite the daunting odds, Andrew refused to back down. In fact, these very challenges fueled his relentless pursuit of growth, leading him to redefine his trajectory. He silenced the whisperings of self-doubt and pushed past his internal limitations, finding a reservoir of strength within himself.

The financial devastation brought on by the COVID pandemic was another test of his resilience. Yet, Andrew navigated through this storm, using the crisis as an impetus for innovation and change.

Moreover, his personal battle with vertigo brought him face-to-face with a new kind of challenge, one that disrupted his physical equilibrium. But Andrew took it in stride, turning it into yet another stepping stone on his journey towards growth.

Today, Andrew Bull stands as a symbol of resilience and perseverance. His story illustrates the power of tenacity and an unwavering pursuit of knowledge, assuring anyone facing their own daunting hurdles that they too can redefine their circumstances and unlock their potential.

Trust Andrew as your guide not just because he has walked this challenging path, but because he has left a trail of proven success. His achievements speak for themselves: a highly-rated author, an inspiring keynote speaker, and a successful entrepreneur who has closed deals with billion-dollar enterprises. He has coached numerous clients towards impressive results, underlining his ability to catalyse transformation.

Andrew’s mission is to help you unlock your leadership potential, break through barriers, and realise the impact you aspire to make. Under his guidance, you will navigate the path to personal and professional growth, driving not just your success, but also contributing to a better future for the world around us. Together with Andrew and Bull Companies, let’s charge towards greatness.