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Charge Ahead Newsletter

Va Va Voom Your Projects: A Lesson From Grandad

Hey Leader,

You know how grandparents always have the best advice?….

My late grandad once told me, “When you’re not on the same page, you might as well be reading two different books.”

It got me thinking about this scene….

One person’s pushing a sofa through a doorway, another’s pulling. Everyone’s giving their best, but no one’s making progress. Doh!

How to fix this project couch-tastrophe?

By getting a rock-solid communication game, starting with these:

  • The Endgame: What’s the ultimate goal here? Without a target, you’re just throwing darts in the dark.
  • The Cast: Who’s responsible for what? Defining roles saves you from the ‘too many cooks’ dilemma.
  • Victory Lap: How do we know we’ve done it? A clear win condition takes the guesswork out.
  • The Method: Pushing or pulling? Knowing the approach upfront can save tons of time later.
  • Timeframe: When do we want to wrap this up? Setting deadlines helps everyone pace themselves.
  • Resource Allocation: What do we need to get this done? Knowing your tools and budget avoids mid-project surprises.
  • Risk Assessment: What could possibly go wrong? A bit of foresight helps you dodge future curveballs.

Let’s cut to the chase. Why do some of us forgo initial chats and leap into action? Well, we might think we’re taking a shortcut, but here’s the kicker: skipping that crucial first step can send us spiralling into chaos.

So let’s do ourselves a favour—talk first, act second.

Now, this is where you, the charge-ahead leader, come into the picture. I know you’re not content with how things are. You’re ready to take total ownership and ensure all your projects go Va Va Voom rather than needing a clean-up with a broom.

So, tell me—what else goes on your pre-project checklist?

Keep charging ahead,

Andrew Bull's

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