Charge Ahead Newsletter

Charge Ahead Newsletter

Transform Challenges into Opportunities: Stand Up and Lead

Dear Leader,

I had to write to you to remind you of something important.

Better is possible.

In fact, let’s scratch that out and go even bigger.

Your dreams are possible.

Now, you might be thinking, “Andrew, this is wishful thinking. The world’s on fire. Inequality is increasing. My business is struggling to retain clients/employees… etc.”

I get it, my friend. I really do.

We live in a time of tremendous change and challenge. This year alone…

The march of AI has led to screenwriters and actors fighting for their existence.
Extreme heat caused by global warming is leading to drought and financial hardship for tourist destinations.

And these examples are just the tip of a very big and sometimes scary iceberg.

So, what should we do? Surrender? Put our heads in the sand? Let other people deal with them?

No. No. No. We need to stand up and be counted. We need to lead. We need to be strong leaders in our life and the lives of others.

Easier said than done, right?

Well, one way to be a strong leader is by having a strong and positive vision (i.e., a dream) for the future. And then having the courage to share that dream with others.

Remember: sharing your dreams with others isn’t a selfish act, it’s an act of true leadership. It’s an act that encourages people to focus on positive action steps, instead of feeling overwhelmed and thinking that nothing is possible.

So, this week, take 15 minutes to reconnect with your dreams. Then, if you’re feeling brave (I know you are), take another 15 minutes and share your dream with your ‘team’ (colleagues/family/sports team) and have a conversation about how you can take solid action steps and turn your dreams into reality!

So share your dreams, your team, and you, will be happy you did.


Andrew Bull's

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