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The Paradox of Leadership in 2023

Hey there, Trailblazer!

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Now, onto the good stuff.


In 2023, ‘leadership’ is both more and less relevant—a paradox, I know!

The world is evolving at light-speed. While being a fantastic leader remains crucial, today’s whirlwind pace has made traditional, centralised models less effective. Often, it’s our colleagues on the front lines who can read the situation best, and respond best.

So, what’s the shift today’s leaders need to make?

It’s about focusing on elevating teams, empowering teams, and giving people the skills and resources they need to excel.

And how do we make this shift tangible?

Well, it’s more than just meeting targets. We need to create a culture where individuals can thrive—both professionally and personally— and perform at a high level even when we’re not around!

And how do we make this happen?

By championing ripple effect leadership.

We can do this by….

A) Being an amazing role model every single day (well, most days 😉 )

B) Encouraging top role modelling across all our teams (business, family, sports)

Why does this matter? Because it fuels a decentralised, high-performing team (and society).

And here’s the kicker — you don’t need to wait for the ‘ultimate’ leader to initiate this wave. Anyone can ignite ripple effect leadership in their organisation.

Will you?


P.S. I was on holiday in tropical Devon last week, I’m glad to to back and keeping you inspired! 

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