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Charge Ahead Newsletter

Step Up Your Leadership Game: 3 Unconventional Tactics

Let me guess… You’re passionate about elevating not just your own life but also those around you, right? Well, you’re in luck…

In today’s newsletter, I’m sharing three unexpected ‘ways’ of doing that with you.

Lean in, and let’s explore three unconventional strategies that could revolutionise your approach..

1. Walk-and-Talk Meetings

Is it just me, or do some of your best ideas also come during a swim or a hike in a beautiful forest? If the best ideas bloom while we’re on the move as individuals, why not swap traditional sit-down meetings for walks? This relaxed approach to problem-solving and innovation could be the breakthrough your organisation (or family) needs.

2. Shadow Board

Shock news: As a teenager, I thought I knew everything. Not like now 😉. But let’s face it, don’t we, the senior leaders, sometimes fall into the same trap? Assuming we always know best?

But here’s the flip side… What if we don’t?

What if others in our organisation are brimming with fantastic ideas?

If this idea connects with you 💥🥊 then it’s time to consider a shadow board. How do you create one? Start by gathering a group of non-executive employees, including younger talent, to regularly discuss company issues and strategies. Their fresh perspectives could be invaluable and help everyone feel like their voice matters.

(Warning: this last idea is a scorcher 🌶 and demands true courage).

3. Reverse Mentoring

You’re familiar with mentoring, but have you tried Reverse Mentoring? This is where junior team members mentor senior executives.

Sounds a bit unconventional, right?

Yet, don’t we often turn to our ‘juniors’ for help with technology? Maybe fresh eyes can shed light on other areas too.

Now, I want you to pause and reflect on the following….

How often do you step out of your comfort zone to embrace new methods within your organisation/family/sports team?
When was the last time you implemented a fresh idea that seemed a little out there?
Could these ‘unexpected ways’ be the catalysts for transformation you’ve been looking for?
Challenge: Jot down one new method you’ll try this month and reply back to this email with it!

Remember, leadership isn’t just about guiding others; it’s about being open to learning and evolving yourself. As we step into this new year, I challenge you to look for fresh ways in your team. Be bold, be curious, and most importantly, be ready to embrace change.

Together, let’s charge ahead and transform the way we lead.

You friend,

Andrew Bull

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