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Reflect & Lead: A Scrooge-Inspired End-of-Year Journey!

Do you know what time it is?

It’s time for reflecting and setting bold intentions for 2024.


Let’s start with a fun question: Who played your favourite version of Scrooge? Donald Duck or Bill Murray?

Personally, I’m a huge Bill Murray fan – there’s something incredibly cool and enigmatic about him, right? His roles in Groundhog Day and Ghostbusters are unforgettable.

But why am I talking about Scrooge?

Throughout my leadership journey, I’ve found myself playing different roles from the Scrooge story.

There were times, especially back in my film industry days, when I was the Scrooge – all money and not enough heart.

My early entrepreneurial years?

I was more like Bob Cratchit —  struggling to make an impact and keep the home fires burning,

Do you know what moved things on? Reflection. Taking the time to consider my past, present, and future. The truth is, the more we visualise a better future, the more we achieve it.

You see, Scrooge’s story is more than a classic Christmas tale. It’s a source of inspiration for us leaders. It challenges us to think deeper about the impact we’re making and the legacy we’re building.

So, in the spirit of Scrooge, here are four powerful questions to guide your reflection:

 Past: What were your key achievements in 2023? What lessons did these experiences teach you?

 Present: How are you currently influencing those around you? What’s the ripple effect of your leadership?

 Future: What bold steps can you take in 2024 to elevate your leadership and empower your team?

 The Bonus ‘Legacy’ One: What do you want to be remembered for?

These questions are designed to ignite your inner leadership flame and help you step into a stronger, more positive role. Your reflections will pave the way for a transformative 2024, leaving a lasting legacy for your family, friends, community, and colleagues.

I’m genuinely curious about your insights. Reply to this email with your thoughts – let’s engage in a meaningful dialogue about our leadership journeys.

Here’s to a reflective and empowering end to 2023!

You friend in Charge Ahead leadership,

Andrew Bull

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