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Charge Ahead Newsletter

Leadership Alert: The Shocking Truth About Employee Happiness

Ever wondered what it feels like to hold the key to transformative leadership?

This week, as I delved into the realms of positivity and gratitude, a revelation struck me – these aren’t just feel-good buzzwords, they’re game-changers in the leadership playbook!

What if I told you that a simple morning habit could reshape not just your day, but your entire approach to leadership?

Or that understanding the real emotional landscape of your employees could be the first step in revolutionizing your workplace culture?

Dive in as we explore the power of gratitude, the stark reality of employee happiness, and the ultimate guide to being a leader who doesn’t just lead but inspires!

1. Quick Mindset Hack: Morning Gratitude (The ‘Groundhog Day’ Effect)

Think ‘Groundhog Day’ – every morning is a chance to reset. Like Bill Murray’s character, Phil, you have the opportunity to start afresh. Practice gratitude each morning. Jot down three things you’re grateful for, and watch how this simple act reshapes your day, your mindset, and eventually, your life.

2. The Unhappy Employee Reality (The ‘Office Space’ Dilemma)

Remember the movie ‘Office Space’? It hilariously yet poignantly captures the soul-sucking nature of disengagement in the workplace. Today’s reality isn’t far off: 60% of employees are emotionally detached, with 19% feeling outright miserable. It’s a stark reminder that our workplaces might be teetering towards becoming the real-life version of ‘Initech’ if we don’t act. (Stats via Gallup)

3. 10 Steps to Being a Positive Leader

Transforming your leadership style can significantly impact your team’s performance and happiness. Here are ten steps to guide you:

  1. Listen Actively
  2. Communicate Clearly
  3. Show Empathy
  4. Empower Your Team
  5. Lead by Example
  6. Encourage Growth
  7. Foster a Positive Environment
  8. Be Decisive (I’ll give you a free pass on the eternal dilemma of choosing the right takeaway dish—that’s a tough one for anyone!)
  9. Recognise Achievements
  10. Stay Committed to Improvement

Ready to embrace these insights and be the catalyst for change in your organisation?

If “YES”, please reply and let me know how you’re doing..

Your friend in Charge Ahead leadership,


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