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Charge Ahead Newsletter

Hit the High Score in Leadership: Powering Up with Feedback in 2024

As we stride into 2024, I want to focus on a vital aspect of leadership and change management: the power of feedback.

The Essence of Feedback in Leadership

No matter the scale of your leadership – be it guiding a team, leading your own business, or being the pillar of your family – feedback is the compass that ensures you’re heading in the right direction. It’s the heartbeat of progress, and without it, we risk moving in circles, unsure if our efforts are bearing fruit.

(Nobody wants to be the dog that is chasing its own tail… do they?)

The Danger of a Feedback Vacuum

One significant challenge we face is operating without feedback. Imagine driving hundreds of miles without a map or signs; that’s what it’s like to lead without feedback. It’s not just about having a feedback loop; it’s about the quality and diversity of that feedback.

A Personal Anecdote: Breaking the Local Feedback Bubble

Last Christmas, I encountered this firsthand. I was engrossed in a sales drive, focused on local outreach. The initial responses were positive but led nowhere. It was a frustrating echo chamber that gave me false hope. But then, I decided to break out of my local bubble, expanding my reach beyond the familiar. The result? A transformative experience. Previously, I was averaging one booking a month for one of my services, but after expanding my reach, bookings increased to 6-8 per month – that’s a staggering 500% to 700% increase! This shift underscored the importance of seeking diverse feedback sources.

2024: A Year of Mindful Feedback and Growth

As you pursue your leadership goals this year, consider these reflective questions:

  • What’s your biggest goal for the year? Define what success looks like for you in 2024.
  • How will you get continuous feedback on that goal? Think about mechanisms and strategies to ensure you’re getting regular, constructive feedback.
  • How will you ensure you’re not working in a feedback bubble? Or test if you are? It’s crucial to verify that your feedback sources are diverse and not just echoing what you want to hear.

Asking these questions isn’t about finding perfect answers. It’s about preparing yourself for a higher level of success. Remember, feedback isn’t just about keeping you motivated; it’s about making a real impact. Stretch your horizons. The broader your feedback net, the clearer your path to success.

In Conclusion: The Pinball Analogy of Feedback

In our quest for impactful feedback, I liken it to being a ball in a pinball machine. To understand what is and isn’t working, we need to venture to the extremes, the left and right of the machine. Playing it safe is like gently tapping the pinball – it leads to a slow and uneventful journey, eventually ending in the gutter with little on the scoreboard.

Effective feedback requires putting energy into whatever we’re doing. We can’t afford to be half-hearted if we want to get a High Score!

So, as we charge ahead in 2024, let’s inject that energy into everything we do. Let’s embrace the highs and lows, the feedback from every corner, and use it to propel us toward our goals.

You friend in Charge Ahead leadership,

Andrew Bull

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