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Discover the Secret Ingredient to Exceptional Leadership: Awesomeness

Imagine you're buying a new car. It's not just about the vehicle, is it? It's about feeling AWESOME cruising in that new SUV, or the reliability that replaces the old clunker that kept breaking down. Let's talk about putting the AWESOME into leadership...


Have you ever thought about what makes leaders truly remarkable?

It’s not just about hitting targets or crunching numbers. It’s about something more impactful, more meaningful. It’s about AWESOMENESS.

Imagine this: Instead of obsessing over metrics, what if we, as leaders, focused on making our team members AWESOME? And not just them – our customers too. Because, let’s face it, in the grand scheme of things, we’re all looking for that word-of-mouth magic, whether we’re running our own show or playing a part in a larger organization.

Let’s look at things from a customer perspective… Imagine you’re buying a new car. It’s not just about the vehicle, is it? It’s about feeling AWESOME cruising in that new SUV, or the reliability that replaces the old clunker that kept breaking down.

Now, let’s look at things from a team member perspective…. Think about your team members. They’re part of our mission, but at their core, they’re seeking growth, development, and a chance to be AWESOME. And when we foster this environment, the magic happens. They start mastering new skills, and sharing those wins with their friends.

And guess what? This AWESOMENESS doesn’t just stay with our team members and customers. It ripples out, touches others, and circles back to us. How? Because those team members and customers are out in the field sharing how AWESOME they’ve become, and casually mentioning your leadership/org/product.

In short: AWESOME attracts people. And what business/leader doesn’t want to be more magnetic?

So, let’s shift our focus. Let’s not just lead; let’s ignite AWESOMENESS. Because when we do, the impact is immense – for our teams, our customers, and ultimately, ourselves.

Have an awesome weekend,

Your friend in Charge Ahead leadership,


P.S. How have you experienced or spread AWESOMENESS this week? I’d love to hear your stories!

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