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Charge Ahead: Master the Art of Argument

Hey Leader,

Ever heard someone shout, “I can’t even have a decent argument with you!” and think, well, what is a ‘decent’ argument anyway?

What if arguments aren’t what we think they are? 🤔

What if…. We’ve Misunderstood Arguments All Along!

The word ‘argument’ often brings to mind angry words and people butting heads in the pub — “leave it Phil… it’s not worth it”.

But its original meaning? Simply making “statements and reasoning in support of a proposition.” No drama necessary! So why do most ‘arguments’ either:

📣 Turn into shouting matches, or
🤐 Never get voiced at all?

Enter Two Culprits:

1️⃣ Social & Political Polarisation:
In a 24/7 attention economy, bombastic claims often grab the most eyeballs. But let’s face it, that approach rarely solves complex issues.

2️⃣ The ‘Chilling Effect’:Fear of repercussions keeps us from sticking our necks out. And who can blame us, given today’s divisive climate?

But I’ve got good news for you….

There are some easy steps positive leaders can take to turn that ship around…

1️⃣ Clear the Air:
Leaders, make it unambiguous—diverse perspectives are not just okay; they’re essential. The strength to be wrong fosters better dialogue.

2️⃣ Small Talk, Big Impact:
Allow room in your office/business/team for conversations to flow organically. Ease breeds openness, turning mundane chat into crucial dialogue.

3️⃣ Start a Debate Club:
Fostering a culture of reasoned discussion could have a ripple effect, impacting conversations inside and beyond the workplace.

4️⃣ Set Boundaries, Gain Respect:
In any discussion, it’s important to set ground rules. Make it known that while all perspectives are welcome, personal attacks or aggressive behavior aren’t. This creates a safe space for everyone, where ideas can be aired without fear. It’s all part of taking total ownership of the conversational climate.

Now you know what to do… it’s time to take action.

You never know, your organisation’s knack for healthy debate might help to bridge the gap between different groups in the community.

So, what’s stopping you? Get arguing—the right way!


P.S. Got a burning question about leadership? Reply and let me know what other leadership topics you’d like me to cover. Your input drives this tribe forward.

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