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Buzz Off! My Unexpected Backyard Adventure with Wasps 🐝

Hello Leaders,

Ever felt like your own backyard is the backdrop for an adventure film? Here’s a recent tale from mine that might tickle your funny bone.

Football, A Quirky Cat, and an Unexpected Guest

This Monday, I found myself playing football with my son in the garden. Our mischievous cat, who’d much rather think of itself as a dog, was our loyal companion. However, the cheeky feline had already faced the consequences of being too curious once, which cost me a vet visit and the poor kitty some discomfort from a wasp sting.

As the ball landed near the pallet sofa—a DIY piece I’d crafted during lockdown—the scene turned from a light-hearted play to a suspenseful drama.

An Unwanted Surprise on the Sofa!

Much to my surprise, our sofa was swarming with wasps. Thoughts of a friend, who bravely (or rather hilariously) tried to face off a wasp nest wearing just his pants and got stung on both eyelids, flashed before my eyes. The comical, yet painful imagery from that memory was all the push I needed. He was my motivation to call in a professional!

Enter the Wasp Expert!

With a sense of anticipation, I awaited the arrival of our wasp remover expert. With his tools at the ready, he combed through the garden, identifying spots where the wasps seemed most active. And indeed, he found a significant number of these buzzing intruders, but to both our surprises, there was no nest to be found!

Wisdom from The Wasp Chronicles

Lesson 1: Sometimes, seeking expert advice can be the best way forward. While I did have to spend money on what turned out to be a non-existent nest, I realized that investing in peace of mind and safety was priceless. Imagine diving into the situation and then discovering a wasp fortress!

Lesson 2: As leaders, we’re bound to make decisions. Some pan out just as we expect, while others… not so much. But here’s the thing: being decisive is a major part of effective leadership. Don’t berate yourself for decisions that didn’t yield the expected results. Each choice made in the moment is still the right choice. After all, leadership isn’t about being flawless; it’s about forging ahead despite the challenges and learning from every twist and turn.

Wrap Up

So, to all my readers, whether you’re tackling a real wasp situation or a metaphorical one, always trust your instincts and remember that even if a decision doesn’t bring the desired outcome, it still brings experience and growth.

Your friend,


P.S. The cat’s fine now and still chasing after footballs, but with a little more caution when it comes to buzzing insects!

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