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Breaking the Mold: Why Being Different is Your Key to Success

Hey Leader,

Do you love audiobooks?

I do.

Recently, I’ve been enjoying  ‘Don’t Listen to Your Customers’. 

You might be thinking…

“That sounds a bit dry  🥱 and irrelevant”

Trust me, it’s not.

It’s a fascinating listen for anyone in the business world, whether you’re a business owner, a mid-level manager, or an aspiring leader. 

How so?

Well, the author dives into how the pursuit of simplifying and streamlining experiences is leading to homogenous and ‘frictionless’ interactions. 

This trend is making everything look, feel, and be experienced in the same way, leading to a lack of brand loyalty and engagement.

Let me ask you….

 Do you want your brand to be the same as everyone else’s?
 Do you want your personal brand to be the same as everyone else’s?

I thought not.

With that in mind, below you’ll find guidance that’s tailored for your role.

Business Owners: Stand Out, Don’t Blend In

If you’re a business owner creating a ‘frictionless’ experience, you risk blending into the crowd. In a world where everyone is striving to be like everyone else, standing out becomes even more crucial. Whether you’re a traditional business engaging in sales and meetings or a modern e-commerce venture, remember: frictionless means forgettable. Your goal should be to create memorable interactions that build relationships and loyalty.

Mid-Level Executives: Stand Out, Don’t Just Blend In

As a mid-level executive or manager, you might think that hard work alone leads to success. But it’s often those who create ‘friction’, who are unafraid to take up space and time, who catch the boss’s eye. Don’t shy away from showing your true self. Being slightly awkward, speaking up, and engaging meaningfully can set you apart, making your personal brand more noticeable and memorable.

Aspiring Leaders: Craft a Unique Personal Brand

For those of you just stepping into the leadership arena, remember: blending in is easy, but it won’t make you stand out. Avoid creating a ‘paper bag brand’ that’s indistinct and forgettable. Show your unique values and personality. It’s essential to be brave, to take up space respectfully, and to be authentically you.

 Be Brave, Be Yourself

What do all these scenarios have in common? 

Courage. Have the courage to be different. To  be yourself. 

Remember: Whether you’re running a business, climbing the corporate ladder, or building your brand from scratch, remember that occupying people’s time with your true, enjoyable, authentic self is a powerful strategy.

That’s it for this week’s newsletter. Keep charging ahead,

Andrew Bull's

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